I have been teaching Pilates and Movement classes for runners for over fifteen years, working with runners of all ages and abilities, ranging from those looking to improve their 5k ParkRun to those competing at International level.

Duncan’s pilates sessions for runners have had proven results. Helping runners achieve personal bests and stay injury free. Dedicated pilates sessions for runners can help improve running form and economy through dedicated strength and flexibility training.

I have run over 40 half and full marathons myself, and I qualified five years in a row for the London marathon as a “Good for Age” runner. Aside from the work in my own studio I am a senior teacher for Body Control Pilates, and have attended running courses for myself regularly over the last decade. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals in running, helping them transform the way they run and to reconnect with the joy of running naturally.

I first came to Pilates in Oct 2007 on the recommendation of my Chiropractor following a lower back injury in June 2007. Originally the main aim was strengthening my back to prevent a recurrence of the injury and enable me to complete the London Marathon the following April. What I didn’t expect was the performance benefits that came with a stronger, more stable core, particularly in endurance events where I feel stronger in the later stages of a race. In the 10 months since starting Pilates I have set personal bests at half marathon, marathon (by 29 minutes!) and Olympic distance triathlon. My Pilates sessions are now quite literally at the core of my training and are the one session in the week I will not miss.

Howard Williams, WaldenTRI, Ironman 2006